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A promotion page for NZSG on my PYCROFT pages.

./images/Digging_toon2.gif       See here all what is offered for folk taking time to gather some family members and some pedigree.
      What you can access here is well worth the learning, If even just for the fun of it.!
  • With having learned what can be learned here, the next step is buy a membership.
  • This will introduce you some research opportunities both in New Zealand data and overseas.
  • The overseas sites are commonly paid for subscriptions, so these are really good value for the NZSG Subscription.
    ./images/1851-Regions.png Research
      1. England Jurisdictions 1851:- = FamilySearch The free data and research site of the Church of Latter Day Saints (LDS).
      • a. Parish & Registration Districts
      • b. County
      • c. Civil Registration District
      • d. Probate Court
      • e. Diocese
      • f. Rural Deanery

    Interpreting the places and cultures and that awful writing on the registers. Find family members of your ancestors.

    2. Search Interests:- = These are the family names, dates & places being the focus and efforts of Members.
    3. Country Codes:- = Recognised international standards of ISO3166 – download a pdf.
    • The country and County codes, - three letter acronyms or trigrams are not universally used these days.
    • Way back then, handwriting was brief. Then computer data fields were short, commensurate with speed and storage space.
    • But these days there is not the constraints for limitation, and folk can be quite independant in what & how they write.
    • However Cosistency of style, of spelling, of format, of sequence is important for sharing.

    4. Old Auckland Provincial Deeds 1881-2008:- = A Guides for Auckland property – download a pdf.

    5. 1918 Flu Pandemic:- = History treatise and list of cemetery interments due this Pandemic. NZ History. A government Website.

    6. Online Record Collections:- = Member subscription required.

    7. Current Collections.
    •         These collections, available for members personal use, have been collated over a long period of time, (Since 1967 in fact)
    •         with contributions in time and data from past and existing NZSG members over 54 years.
    •         Yes, you are buying in to the desires of folk to undertake projects and share their efforts with like-minded family historians.
      • i. NZSG Certificates
      • ii. NZSG First Families
      • iii. Pedigree Registration
      • iv. Pre-1856 New Zealand Marriages
      • v. Griffis Illegitimacies Collection
    8. Local Authorities Cemeteries:- = A most useful list of City & District Cemeteries. For all NZ.
      a. These offer Dates & Location information for Registered internments and non-private Cremations.

    9. Websites > New Zealand:- = From All Blacks to WW100 – a list mot helpful of sites to find family.
    10. Websites > Overseas:- = From Ancestry to Trove. Useful when you are done with New Zealand!
            ** Well, even if you still have New Zealand family to seek the details, the life stories, their movement around the country or overseas.
    11. Facebook:- = Security information and Society Branches with Accounts. Ask your Family History questions here.
    12. Support:- = What to do and how to do it.  Digging_toon1.png
              * There is more to our scholarly pursuit than simply putting the family leaves on a tree.
    • Getting It Right
    • DNA
    • Best Practice
    • Sources
    • Video & Audio Presentations
    • Written Presentations
    • Forms & Charts
    13. Community:-
      a. NZSG projects:- = Describes member opportunities of specialist member efforts and contributions.

NZ Society of Genealogists - Go There

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