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DNA - Can this help?

I have indulged in the partaking of DNA testing. Why?
Well, because not only might I be helped finding ancestral family lineages, my inclusion is another set of data that might benefit others.
A database is not a database without data and my data as with your data becomes most useful.

Additionally - - my DNA tests are documents that identify me and that hopefully becomes part of the future!!

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These pages describe many of the individuals and families I have in my Brothers Keeper database.
Essentially they are the families of my forebears.
The details of those living to the age 100 years are NOT Included here. For those of you who desire have living cousin information should contact me in good faith with Family History intent.

My home page with NZSG Information & KIWI Collection.
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My Kit number is 554089.
I have tested for:-
  1. Autosomal DNA (atDNA)
  2. Y-111 DNA (Male line) & Big-Y700 DNA (321,738 'Dad's' samples)
  3. Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) (16,738 'Mum's' samples)
  4. My Haplogroup (Y) is:- - R-BY76765
  5. My Haplogroup (mt) is:- - H5a1
Please contact me here, with Comments & ideas,
good & better, corrections & updates.

Mr. B.E. PYCROFT,   8 Orcades Street,
Shirley, 8013.  Christchurch,  New Zealand.
Voice: +64-3-942.8417 .. .. Mob: +64-223.140.100
E Mail: barry @  . . NZSG 8530.

Please contact me if we are cousins,
or you would like to discuss some aspect.
I have an account with GedMatch.
My ID is T775786
My ged File is 8318340

The numbers are Identifers and are required
should you wish to make a comparison or analyse a match.

I know of just one other person with my Y-Haplogroup value.
This would seem, at this time, to be in Gosport area of England.
Lots of people have my mt-Haplogroup value.

Upload YOUR raw data from YOUR test company and see to whom else you match. Please do that.
If you are part of MY Ancestry, we should have a visible connection.
This is a FREE service and provides interesting methods to DNA matches.
These pages have been created automatically by
Brothers Keeper, my primary Genealogical & Family History database progran since 1985.

I have had to do some editing and content management. I use Arachnophilia for that.

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