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Introducing Barry

I have been retired from my electronics job of 50 years since April 2015.
I now spend so much time in front of my computer almost exclusively on
Family History and Genealogy work.

I indulge in DNA studies along with helping ‘cousins’
who realise we have a match; we share a common ancestor.

My main goals in my DNA work is to -
  • Find my GtGtGtGrandfather’s family in Hampshire, 1825 and to
  • converse with anybody who might know more about my Family than I do.
Among all that are two prime questions I ask myself:-
  1. From whence did I get this information?
  2. How do I know this to be a fact?

In reviewing the data I have, I use BROTHERS KEEPER, a local database application on my local computer. The reports from my BroKeep data set are repeatable, and transferable, so errors and omissions are controlled and repeatable.

DNA Replication. Some mikstakes cann occur
in the 3-billion molecules in each DNA string
in each cell!

The "potocopier" is not perfect!

See the YouTube animation at:

My favourite saying is ... Some people are limited by what they KNOW.
Others are un-restricted by what they can LEARN.

AND - - - One can fall out of a FAMILY TREE when one tries social climbing!
- -
My genealogical persuits arose in 1984 when I just had to find out how the Wellington folk were my cousins.
Membership of NZSG is a MUST if one wishes to use their resources.

While their (our) resources are primarily New Zealand based data and information, Acess to overseas sites and data systems for our ancestors records of eons ago in lands long departed.

Whether new to Genealogy, and family history, or an 'old ' hand, a great many opportunities can be found there.

Additionally, there are a lot of members who are willing to help, to assist, introduce, you to the art and skill
of seeking a grandparent, their family, an orphan or adoptee.
    ** Your problem is my learning!!

Where to go from here.
My Stuff Other Stuff
right See my   PYCROFT HOME Site - I started all this in 1996! New Zealand Society of Genealogy
NZSG       I can introduce you some of it while you are here.       NZSG
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left My BROTHERS KEEPER Ancestor Pages
      My BROTHERS KEEPER Ancestor Pages,
  For Me and Dawn NEILSON / NILSON / NELSON  

      Our Y-DNA & mtDNA mentions
  For Me and Dawn NEILSON / NILSON / NELSON  

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NZSG KIWI Collection.

-*- Kiwi Collection_BEP.
New Zealand Society of Genealogists - KIWI Collection.
See here the "Terms of Reference" and "User Guide" .

NZSG Kiwi Collection Guide"
The guide explains what it is all about.

This is a bit more than a collection of Indexes. There is some high level information, such as for some schools.
There are 309 data sets created by 309 independent, projects – some small, some very large.
All records sighted and transcribed and compiled freely by our own members over our 50 odd years.
Sharing for each other.

Examples range from: -|- Alien Records - 1917 -|- NZ Probate Indexes (Archway) - Archives NZ
-|- School Records (APWs) - Parent/Guardian -|- WW2 Nominal Roll - South Taranaki 1945
There is not, however many original documents: the content being indexes or transcriptions.
In many cases the original registers are no longer available or accessible.

The schools projects contain 32 pages of data of 1498 listed schools!
There is a price to pay however - that for the technology that makes all the data on line - from your home.

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Mr. B.E. PYCROFT,  Christchurch,  New Zealand.
Mobile / WhatsApp / Messenger: +64-223 140 100 .. .. 

E Mail: barry at  . . NZSG 8530.

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