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Barry's family, Dec 2000.
The Last pic of the 2nd Millenium.
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Barry's family Logo.

I am an Electronics Technician, beginning 1965 for Ministry of Transport, Civil Aviation Division, which became AIRWAYS, New Zealand Limited. I have been at Christchurch airport since 1993 employed at the workshop in a Central Maintenance role.

E-mail : barry at

My favourite saying is ...
Some people are limited by what they KNOW.
Others are un-restricted by what they can LEARN.

My genealogical persuits arose in 1984 when I just had to find out how the Wellington folk were my cousins.

Membership of NZSG is a MUST if one wishes to use their resources.

One can fall out of a FAMILY TREE when one tries social climbing!

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'My' Ships
to Lyttelton, Oct 1878.
  Ship: Henrietta
to Dunedin, Sept 1860.
  See passenger list of William Miles
to Lyttelton, Aug 1860.
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Street Map of New Zealand.
TUMONZ Bulls-Eye Barry at Christchurch.

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